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Certificates of Deposit

A deposit of funds for a specific period of time with a previously agreed upon rate of interest.


  • Wide variety of terms available
  • Interest accrues daily
  • Variety of interest payment methods
  • Interest paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or at maturity
  • At maturity, CD's rollover for another term automatically at prevailing interest rate
  • Notification of maturity date and value of maturing certificate sent to customer before the maturity date
  • Customer has 10 days following the maturity date to make a reinvestment decision.  Funds may be withdrawn penalty-free during this period
  • Certificates may be pledged as collateral on a loan
  • FDIC Insurance
  • A penalty will or may be imposed for early withdrawal


  • Flexibility, convenience
  • Interest
  • Convenience, uninterrupted earnings
  • Lower interest rate
  • Safety

Opening Requirements:

  • Minimum deposit of $1,000


Who is Eligible:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Organizations